Age limit and competing categories
The competition is determined for the Czech and foreign dulcimer players. It is divided to four categories:

                 a) I. category – year of birth 2007 and younger
                 b) II. category – year of birth 2004 and younger
                 c) III. category – year of birth 2000 and younger
                 d) IV. category – year of birth 1989 and younger

Solo dulcimer: all categories in two parts
Double dulcimer: all categories in one part


Date and place of performance
May 22. - 26. 2019, Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic


Organizer of festival
XIII. INTERNATIONAL DULCIMER FESTIVAL is organized by Dulcimer association of the Czech Republic with co-operation ZUŠ Valašské Meziříčí. The event is under the patronage of the town Valašské Meziříčí, Zlín county and Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic.


Further conditions of participation
            a) Solo dulcimer playing by heart is compulsory in all competing parts all competitors have to play the compulsory prescribed composition not to be disqualified.

            b) Double dulcimer at least one of two players must take part in solo dulcimer competition setting of category: older playerʹs age is decisive prefer the original compositions composed for two dulcimers playing by heart isnʹt required players turn pages of music themselves.

            c) The changes in repertoire must be sent to the organizer of competition in written form or by e-mail till 30. April 2019. After this term no changes will be accepted. The participants are required to hand over all the music of played compositions in two copies. It is necesarry for jury.

           d) The performances are available for public.

           e) Audio and video records made during the festival are the property of organiser and he has a competency to dispose of it.

           f) Everybody who fulfils determined conditions can take part in competition.

           g) The jury can stop performance exceeding time limit.

           h) Prizes are awarded by jury and jury is titled not to award some of the prizes. The winners of the I. prize take the title „laureate of competition“.

           i) Awarded competitors will play at the final concert and jury will decide about the participants and their repertoire. The participation of chosen winners at the final concert on Saturday 25. May 2019 is the condition for being awarded.

The competition conditions, competition repertoire, valuation of competition and other appointments about awards are published in Czech and English language. In case of controversy the Czech language is decisive.